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 This video shows the diversity of the Housatonic for Trout, Bass, Pike & Carp.


The angling opportunities are both spectacular and varied. From the larger Housatonic River, which is open twelve months a year, to the Farmington and their many tributaries, there is almost always productive fishing.

  Dean took this fish on a March Brown in June.


The height of the trout season begins in the second week of April and runs to the end of October. Tremendous hatches of mayflies, caddisflies, and a host of other insects such as ants, make the Housatonic a superb dry fly fishery. Trout will range in size from 10 inches to 20 inches with the bulk of your catch being from 12 to 16 inches. During the summer months the small mouth bass fishing is excellent and it is not uncommon to catch 20-30 bass a day. The bass will vary in size from 8 to 17 inches and are fierce fighters that take your fly eagerly. Catching these strong fighters on poppers is a blast.  In addition to the bass, you might also hook a pike, some of which can exceed 36 inches.  Another option is to sight fish for carp in clear, low water.  This will challenge even the most experienced of anglers!


We also guide on the Farmington River which is about 35 min. drive from the Housatonic. This river is excellent and comes into play during the hot summer months of July and August or when the Housy is blown out from abundant rain. Because the water released into the Farmington is cool, it is possible to find rising trout in the middle of an August day when the air temps are in the 90's. The Farm rarely gets too dirty to fish because the majority of the flow comes from the resevoir which enters clear and cold.  After heavy rains the Farmington becomes floatable in driftboats, and at times, the fishing very, very productive.


There are also many small streams that are wonderful to fish and a few good largemouth bass ponds. Rarely do we have to cancel an outing because there is almost always productive fishing to be had.  In the event of bad weather (heavy rain or lightning for example) we are happy to reschedule your trip.  The idea is to have fun and if the weather is going to compromise us having a good time then we go another day.


Check out this video on the Farmington.  

Fishing is in our family. Nell(1996) to the left, James (2012) & Ben (2007).


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