3:45 PM 4/15/2009 Fishing the Housatonic and Farmington Rivers with Rob Nicholas
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Housatonic Anglers

Between the Housatonic and Farmington Rivers, and their many tributaries, there is almost always productive fishing. When conditions are poor on one river, opportunities open up on another.

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River Report
Monday March 11 Report: Check out these three new YouTube Videos: Esquel Outfitters, Las Pampas Lodge, and Paloma River Lodge. I plan to host only two weeks next winter so please let me know ASAP if you are interested because these will fill quickly. I will be with Esquel Outfitters in Argentina from Jan 3-10 and with Las Pampas Lodge in Rio Pico, Argentina from Jan 10-17. As for local fishing, if air temps are pushing 40 degrees and flows are less than 1000 CFS you might consider doing some nymphing on the Housatonic. The Farmington is the better choice for winter fishing because it will be slightly warmer and easier to wade. Dry fly action very possible! As long as there is not too much ice or slush on the Housatonic the nymph fishing can be good there also. I have the following days open in April: 13-20,24,26 & 27. May 3,17,23, 26 & 28. June 1-5,8,9,13-22,24-27 & 30 PLEASE NOTE: I am rebuilding this site. It will look the same but will be much improved. There will be videos posted, a "Catch of the week" page, "My schedule" on the menu bar, updated photos, etc. Should be up next week.



Housatonic Flow

Reading flows and trying to determine whether the Housatonic is fishing well is a tricky business. An angler who states that the "The fishing on the Housatonic is best between 400 and 800 CFS (Cubic Feet per Second)" is making too many assumptions. This statement is by and large true for wade anglers, but how is the fishing when it is at1500 CFS? The answer to this question varies greatly. Look at the graph. If the river has been at 1500 CFS for a period of several days then the fishing is likely to be good, especially for the streamer and nymph fisherman. On the other hand, if the river has been at a consistent 500 CFS and then jumps up to 1000CFS in one day, chances are the fishing will be poor. What is most important is water clarity and flow consistency. If the river has been flowing at a consistent CFS or is falling, then the clarity is likely to be good and the fishing good .... regardless of the CFS. I have enjoyed excellent fishing at 2000CFS from my drift boat. Water temperature is the most critical factor in terms of trying to determine whether trout will be active or not. As a general rule, the trout on the Housatonic will be most active when the temps are between 55 & 70 degrees. Once the river hits 70 degrees or more look for the bass fishing to improve.
Farmington Flow

My stance on the Farmington is very different from most anglers. In my opinion, there is no bad time to fish the Farmington, unless the river is in excess 1500 CFS. Even after several inches of rain, I have enjoyed superb fishing when the river was up to 1200CFS. The Farm stays reasonably clear even after heavy rains, and in many cases when the water comes up and discolors the big boys turn on and can be caught with streamers. To generalize, the Farmington is best to wade at 600CFS or less and it is at these flows you are likely to have the best dry fly fishing. Water temperature is rarely an issue on the Farmington, the more you move upstream towards Riverton and towards the dam the colder she gets. In order to understand what the flow is you must add the flow of both the Still River and the West Branch.

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